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This is Panda Online Server Part of PureSRO Servers <3

New +12 Bound Weapon for 14 Days

Hello Everyone
Today we will release Bound weapon +12 80% FB
for 14 Days for new Players One Time Per Char
To Catch up Old Players
Also New Characters will get Buff 5%
to Help them to catch up The Old Players too
and There will be Job Ranking System will be active very soon.



- PureN Skills Level 2 Dmage Fixed
- Release Bound Weapons for 14 days
- Release New Buff for New players for 14 days
- Release Ranking job Buff to active it very soon

Please Have Fun..

New Craft System | Missions

How to Craft new Items and Get Free App Points

for Buying Panda Coins and Arena Coins From Panda Shop on Android :)

Patch No. 260

Hello Guys There s new Patch No. 260 For Buffing Spear, xBow, Dagger, Staff Nerf God s Word Cleric Skill to 50% Fix Some Bugs .. Update Somethings to make game Faster.. Ready The Client For App points for Our Android App

Panda Online on Android Now

Hello Everyone!!
Lets Control Our Character throw our Phones
Yea! Its True
Download Link Google Play
Download now and Farm your SUN SET